Sunday, January 1, 2012

Being Indian is now a badge of Honor?

I have been fooling around with a Proud To Be Indian web site for quite some years without  much traction, In its current incarnation, it can be seen at

So it was with great pleasure I started reading the book by Ramith Sethi (I Will teach you to be rich Blog fame). His blogs are fantastic. His writing style is very different. You see his interviews, you can see his passion just burst out ! Overall, his blog is something I would strongly  recommend to everybody. Even though he pushes his ware very strongly, his interest in helping others shines through. And who can blame him for charging for the value he delivers. Not me !
What was interesting was the fact that he was using his “Indianness” as a badge of honor. He talks about his parents (Who migrated from India) who spend 5 days negotiating for a car and then walk out of it because the dealer refused to add a Floor mat to the deal. He also coined the interesting acronym – WWAID (What would an Indian Do?).

When I came to US (about 15 years ago) most of us felt the need to blend in. As the IT boom took over the country and the Outsourcing became the name of the game, we felt  guilty for causing disruption in the life's of the locals here
Finally I think we have moved on to a state where being Indian, and bringing in the values of our culture is considered to be good. People recognize us not just for the nerds who are the “Computer Whisperers “ but actually folks with an idea to present and the presence to make an impression !

Go for it. Love this. In fact, as part of this discovery, I am starting a career focused blog (Take off on my book Why Do Elephants Have Big Ears) to share the lessons learnt over my 25 year career with folks who can use them.

The blog should be ready in the next few weeks, But you can go over and register so that  you can be notified when it goes live….

Your thoughts?

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